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Residency Verification

Acceptable proof of residence:
If you own the property in which you reside you must supply ALL of the following:
(Must be original documents)
1. County tax bill or escrow papers in your name showing residence property address
2. PG&E, telephone AND one other bill (home owners insurance, credit card) mailed to you at that address or Current DMV vehicle registration showing same residence property as other bills.

If you rent the property in which you reside: (must be original documents)
1. Current lease or rental agreement for place of residence with manager’s or owner’s name and phone number stating that they reside in the property (include starting date of residence, landlord’s name telephone number along with a copy of your receipt or canceled check reflecting your most recent rental payment)
2. PGE, Telephone and one other bill mailed to you at that address. (If PGE is included in your rent, you must provide satisfactory evidence that it is included)

There are situations when a student and her/his parents reside with a party who lives within the Gilroy Unified School District’s boundaries. For example, when a family resides on a ranch or farm that has a dwelling or when a family rents a room within a home. In these circumstances, the owner of the property must complete the document Affidavit of Residence, this form must be notarized (both forms are required-please print the affidavit and certificate pages):

  • See school site for additional information 

There are also situations when only the student resides with a party (not the student’s parents) who lives within the Gilroy Unified School District’s boundaries. Caregiver’s and/ or Family Affidavit (Please pick up this form at the school site)

Both of the above affidavits require that the residence be on a full-time basis. A full-time basis means seven days and seven nights per week. The parent and legal guardians will have to sign papers, under penalty of perjury, indicating the living arrangements.

If, at any time, there is a question raised about a student’s residence, the District will undertake an investigation of the student’s actual residence. If it is found that the situation is not as stated by the parents or legal guardian, the student will be excluded from attending the school and be assigned to his/her actual Attendance Area School OR referred to district of residence to apply for an INTERDISTRICT request if the residence is not within the Gilroy Unified School District Boundary

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